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Innovative Glaucoma Therapy Treatment Now Available

Madison Day Surgery is committed to continually research and obtain the latest in cutting edge technology that the Ophthalmic industry has to offer. As a result, we now have available the new Iridex Cyclo G6 Laser Console System with MicroPulse Technology, distributed in Australia by OptiMed. The Cyclo G6 Laser Console System provides surgeons with a non-incisional, intra-ocular pressure control, treatment option for glaucoma patients. Patient outcome studies have shown significant IOP lowering long-term.

MicroPulse technology finely controls thermal elevation by “chopping” a continuous-wave (CW) laser beam into a train of repetitive short pulses allowing tissue to cool between pulses and reduce thermal buildup preventing visible tissue damage.*

*Information has been provided by IRIDEX |1212 Terra Bella Avenue |Mountain View, CA 94043 (U.S. & int’l inquiries) |