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Information for your child

Boy&Nurse8901385Children can find surgery and other procedures very intimidating. You can help minimise your child’s worries or anxieties by telling them about their need for surgery using simple words to explain this so that they can can understand.

Do your  best to answer your child’s questions with a positive attitude and keep your tone-of-voice upbeat to assure your child. If you have trouble answering these questions, your doctor or our nursing staff are happy to help.

Children should wear comfortable attire on the day of their procedure and may also wish to bring their favourite toy. If required, you can also bring nappies, formula, bottles, changes of clothing and a dummy.




  • It’s important to inform us if your child has taken food or liquid after the fasting time.
  • If your child is on regular medication during the fasting period, please discuss this with our nursing staff.
  • Before their admission time, children may have solids six hours prior, milk four hours prior, and clear fluids three hours prior.


Prior to child’s surgery

Nursing staff will ask some questions and weigh your child.

The anaesthetist will examine your child and can address any of your concerns.

A parent is encouraged to stay with their child until anaesthesia is administered. The parent will be asked to wear a cap, gown and boots for sterilisation purposes.

Nursing staff will escort you back to our waiting area after your child is asleep.

canstockphoto16175701Following surgery, your child will be taken to the recovery room and you will be called when your child wakes. Your child will have a cannula (small plastic tube in the back of the hand or foot), which must be kept in until no further medication is required. You can remain with your child during their recovery. Children are offered clear fluids, icy poles, milk, juice and light refreshments. You are welcome to bring your child’s favourite food and drink.

Children are given a Bravery Certificate on discharge.